Welcome to Drink n Think Trivia!!
We host weekly, monthly, daily, hourly trivia nights. Whatever frequency you want really. Our trivia nights are designed for fun and meant for just that. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you. Whether you're a restaurant owner, events planner, or just a random Joe/Josephine we have what you need. We host trivia anywhere in the DMV. Contact us to set up a trivia night at your place or to find out how to become part of our team or if you just want to talk that's fine too.
Get to Know Us!!
Brian Carey Owner/COO/Host

Brian has 6 years of trivia experience both hosting and writing. He’s a virologist for the US Army in his other life. Brian’s favorite thing about trivia is heckling the players.

Doug Warford Owner/CIO/Host

Doug has 5 years of trivia experience both hosting and writing. He’s a therapist in his other life. He has an obscene amount of knowledge about all things video games and history. GO Hokies!!!

Stephanie Carey Owner/CFO

Stephanie has 15 years experience dealing with Brian. She’s a nurse practitioner in her other life and has an obscene amount of knowledge in all things anatomy and trash TV!!!

Austin Alvarado Owner/CTO/Host

Austin has 25 years of drinking experience both mixing and consuming. He’s a brewer/beertender in his other life. If he could, he’d be in all the broadway plays. All of them.

Theodore ``Ted`` Cooper Host

Ted is a part time software developer, full time nerd, and has been participating in the Northern VA pub trivia scene for the last ten years. Ted splits his time equally between working, sleeping, and Dungeons and Dragons, which he recently found after spending forty years thinking it was “too geeky.” Ted enjoys long walks in the woods spent wondering when the long walk will end and he can get back to air conditioning. Ted is wondering if these items are relevant to Brian’s request, or if he would care for something different.

Ben Holland Host


“What’s a good looking guy like him doing in a place like this?” you may ask yourself.  Same thing as you: drinking and thinking.  Before you ask: no, I don’t know the answer, unless it relates to obscure militaria or diseases… Sometimes the drinking overwhelms the thinking.

Eric Timar Host


Eric tries to earn a living raising kiwi fruit in Falls Church. He has a rabbit colored like a pint of Guinness who is indeed named Guinness. He plays and coaches soccer, and can count to ten in the Miskitu language.

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