Who's asking?? Just kidding, it's totally free to play!

Standard trivia rules apply. You should know them but....NO CHEATING!! That means no looking things up on your phone, phoning a friend or summoning a mystic. Also our Rule #1 is and always will be Don't be a Dick. Just be nice to everyone. Other rules include 6 people to a team. If you have more people, just split up into two teams, you can still sit at the same table, just be on two or more teams. Tip your waitstaff/bartenders is also another big rule.

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Yourself is a pretty good idea. Maybe some friends if you want. Also we are paper free now so make sure you have a smart phone or tablet to play on our app. Download the TrivNow app in the app store or google play. Your host will be able to help if you need it.

Click here to download from the App Store (Apple)
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Email us at drinknthinktrivia@gmail.com or see your host!

Please don't. We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither should you! Come on, we're playing for beer and food. If you're playing for some other reason other than to have fun, this isn't the trivia for you. That being said, if something is super egregious, mention it to your host as nicely as possible. The hosts determination is final. Please respect that.

Email us at drinknthinktrivia@gmail.com or see your host! If you're lucky, the host just might be one of the owners and can help you right then and there!! We'd love to host for you.

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